About Abhaneri Niwas

  • Air Conditioning

    We have got some real lungs chilling environment for our guests for summers. You won’t feel any hesitation till you are under the ceilings of “Abhaneri Niwas”.

  • 24*7 Hotline for medical purpose

    Guests are god and god can’t be seen in trouble even for a while. That is why we offer our medical services like no one does.

  • Car Parking Facility

    That’s undoubtedly easy to park a car and take it out anytime you feel like. It’s just like having cold breeze on your face, yeah, really it is that simple and that inturn makes a smile in your face and that is our ultimate plan.

  • Travel Guide

    Guiding travel junkies are our motto though. Travelling is actually soul refreshing in one way or another here.

  • Indian & Rajasthani

    “Abhaneri Niwas” is totally bagged fully up with the Indian and mostly rajasthani culture. So come through us and chill.

  • Power Backup

    Lights’ gone all around the region? Don’t you worry we have got your back. We are dead serious in taking care for our customers. We treat every customer like custom.


Indoor Games

Wait! Indoor games’ junkie? Then you are about to enjoy your time round the clock.We have really very well equipments and everything to make your holidays like
never ‘fore.

Magic shows

Well you and your kiddos have any sort of attraction and fondness for magic, well we have covered your needs dead ragingly. So come over and head for your best
magical experience in here.

what our client say

Customer Review

Well, I just got here and it has been like an hour or so and I solemnly feel like I have came to my own house. Yeah, everybody knows, nothing is better than our own home. They actually, treat you as good as you can be treated. Great experience, though.

Chicke Fitzgerald

Customer Review

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visit us

It is too great to visit I solemnly swear, head to us, plan your vacation and you will go Cray. Let’s not keep it catchy but simple and attract as many guests as we can. Our staff is as responsible as it gets and food as tasty as it gets.

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Abhaneri Niwas, Abhaneri Bandikui Road, Abhaneri